Our commitments

At HANNA FIEDLER we are constantly striving to improve and find solutions to be a more responsible brand with a positive impact on people and planet. We lay great importance on ensuring uncompromising quality for every piece and making sure that each design is timeless and versatile, so that you can keep it in your forever wardrobe. 

Our promise to you, is that we will always bring you 'behind the seams' of the brand and be as transparent as possible in our communications. With that guiding principle at the core of what we stand for, we are sharing details about our entire supply chain, should you want to take a deep dive into the label. If you have any questions or would like to know more than we can fit on this page, please feel free to email us. 

Manufacturers and Suppliers

After years of research we are proud to say that every HANNA FIEDLER item is produced in the UK.  Our studio is based on the top floor of our Burlington Arcade store and this is where Hanna develops her designs, we add finishing touches to garments and hand-weave our accessories made from silk offcuts. 

Our silk pieces are manufactured by Larisa Judina in Stratford, London. The manufacturer is run by a husband and wife duo, whose ten-person team is specialised in handling delicate, luxurious silks in small scale production.

Tailoring is made in London by DAAS, who have extensive years of experience in the industry and are specialised in working with fine fabrics. 

With transparency in mind, we state exactly which manufacturer made your item in the product descriptions and are always happy to answer any questions you might have in relation to our supply chain when you get in touch! 

Fabrics and Materials

Our sustainable vision is guided by the mission to use only high-end, environmentally-friendly materials. We believe that using quality natural fibres such as linen, organic cotton, silk, and wool in combination with smart and versatile design, makes for long-lasting and sustainable luxury fashion.

After extensive research, we are proud to say that all fabrics are sourced from European-based mills, which allows us to minimise our carbon footprint. Where possible we also try to design out the waste of these precious materials, either with zero waste patterns or by re-using offcuts for our accessory line. 

Loro Piana wool

Loro Piana began trading wool in the early 1800s and is
now known worldwide for setting the benchmark for the finest natural yarns and fabrics. In our collections we use Tasmanian® and Pecora Nera® wool for select pieces.

Tasmanian® wool is among the lightest in the world, weighing just 250 grams per meter. It comes from the remote island of Tasmania, south of Australia and stands out for its extraordinary softness, smoothness and fluidity.

Pecora Nera® is the result of 20 years of hard work by a New
Zealand breeder determined to restore the importance of the black Merino sheep, who produce naturally dark, exceptionally high quality wool that doesn’t need to be dyed.

British Alpaca Wool

The Alpaca wool used for some of our coats, is sourced from the British Alpaca Fashion Company. The family business owns a small farm in Somerset, high up in the hills of the Exmoor National Park, which houses a herd of Alpaca and Guanaco that provide fibre for the finest British grown British made textiles. 

The wool is sorted into the naturally occurring colours of the Alpaca’s own coats, so the fabrics come in beautiful shades which do not require any dying. Moreover, our coats such as Cristobal and Christopher are based on the so-called “one-seam coat” construction, from a single piece of fabric and shaped in a rectangle that is slashed and folded around the body into a loose-fitting coat. This construction uses the full width of the fabric and is therefore completely zero waste.


Founded in 1918 by Carl Albrecht as a weaving mill with 48 looms in Switzerland, Alumo produce cotton fabrics of first-class quality and certified according to the strict STeP by OEKO-TEX criteria. Alumo Cotton have achieved Level “Best Practice” with the fabrics excellent performance.

For our Chapters we use Alumo’s Supraluxe two-ply poplin fabric that has been known for decades for its incomparably smooth feel, as well as its high durability and quality as it is made of extra-long staple cotton with a fibre length of at least 35mm.


We source our silks, our most used fabric, from well-established UK based mills. Both Pongees and Bennett Silks are family-run businesses with over 100 years’ experience.

We often produce our garments using bias cut, which means to ‘be cut on the grain’ placing the pattern at a 45° angle on the woven fabric to create more fluid curved and soft drapes. To minimise waste we use the silk off cuts from the ready-to-wear collections and transform them into hand-woven silk accessories.


Established 1832 in the small Austrian town of Helfenberg, Viehböck is a linen weaving mill. The flax used is only sourced from Europe (specifically France, Belgium, and the Netherlands), then woven in the only GOTS and the IVN Best certified mill worldwide.

No bleach or toxic chemicals are used in the finishing process in order to maintain as much of the natural fibre’s own properties as possible.