The Oscar

the modern white shirt

The Oscar is our take on the classic white shirt. Crafted from Swiss-organic Cotton Piqué, it uses codes from masculine formal dressing, such as cufflinks to create a sleek yet feminine silhouette. 

shining a light on the cufflink

The Oscar top features a cufflink holding together a pleat on top of the wrist. You can exchange the cufflinks for your favourite pair, making the Oscar shirt fit any occasion



Loose and effortless fitting, cotton shirt with boat neckline, interchangeable cufflinks at the wrist creating a v-shaped pleat, Marcella shirting fabric with diamond shaped texture, as known from men’s dress shirts.

100% Organic Cotton sourced from Hausammann & Moos, Italy.

Made in London by Larisa Judina.

Wash at 30° Celsius

Iron with care

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