the Max

Max Bill - Continuity

The Max blouse pays homage to Max Bill - a Bauhaus-trained designer and artist born in 1908 in Winterthur, Switzerland.

One of my favourite work by Max Bill is the sculpture Kontinuität (1947), or Continuity in English, which is based on the mathematical concept of the Moebius strip. I find the simplicity and dimensionality of this artwork incredibly fascinating. 

The Design story

As a designer and artist, Bill sought to create forms which visually represent the New Physics of the early 20th century. He made objects with the intention that the new science of form could be understood by the senses.

This idea inspired the design of the Max blouse with a continuous neckline folded at the front, creating suppression without the need for slits or other openings.

Continuity all the way

To complete the neckline, the sleeves are constructed with a folded cuff rather than a slit, as traditionally seen in shirts, in order to achieve a fitted closure.  The fold is held in place with tone-on-tone silk covered buttons that blend in perfectly with the fabric of the blouse.



Effortless silk blouse with fold detail at the front neckline, long sleeves and folded cuff finished with silk covered buttons.

100% silk sourced from Bennett Silks, UK
Made in London by Larisa Judina
Dry clean only

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