The Simon

Soft Silk

Simon is made from a gorgeous soft silk double crepe, which moulds perfectly to the body of the wearer. 

Minimalistic construction

The front of the top is created from one continuous panel that is about three meters long, the back panel is shaped like a figure eight starting at the shoulder and ending just below the waistline. The lengths of the front panel drapes beautifully down at the back, adding a truly unique twist to a deceivingly simple garment. 

Creating suppression

The front is left untouched by darts or seams and suppression is purely created by threading the panel through the back. This technique folds and crunches the fabric together, perfectly hugging the body of the wearer. 



Draped top with infinity shaped back and long tails. The front panel is draped through the back panel creating a perfect, smooth fit. 

Wear it with silk Tom trousers, wide leg Hakama trousers or Wade skirt

100% silk sourced from Pongees, England. 
Made in London by Larisa Judina.
Dry-clean only

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